Temperamental - Vinyl

By: Don Cavalli

Temperamental - Vinyl
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Easily recognizable by his impassioned Johnny Cash-meets-Charlie Feathers vocals, French-born Don Cavalli began to get noticed in the greater music and blog community when he released his
full-length Cryland, which featured his unique amalgamation of swamp blues, lo-fi pop, country gospel, and early rock & roll, nabbing the #12 spot in MOJO'S Top 50 Albums of the Year.
  1. Temperamental
  2. Garden of Love
  3. Me and My Baby
  4. Santa Rita
  5. Gonna Love You
  6. The Greatest
  7. Voice of the Voiceless
  8. Feel Not Welcome
  9. You and My Zundapp
  10. Birthday Suit
  11. Say Little Girl
  12. Row My Boat

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