Martin Hannett's Personal Mixes

By: Joy Division

Martin Hannett's Personal Mixes
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Brand new vinyl record. This is a double lp set. #605 of 1000. A must have for a true Joy division fan.

Label: ozit morpheus records

Record Number: Ozit lp 8797


1.From Safety to Where
2. Autosuggestion
3. Heart and Soul
4. N4 Europop
5. 24 Hours
6. Passover
7. N4
8. N4
9.Synth Tone
10. Hannett's Lift Recording 1
11. Joy Division Keyboard Doodles
12. Hannett's Lift Recording 2
13. Organ doodles
14. Eternal, The
15. Eternal, The
16. Curtis, Hannett, Gretton Interplay, Chit Chat and Cup Smashing
17. Hannett Speaks

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