Greatest Hits: You Never Saw Coming (2lp) - Vinyl

By: Kid Rock

Greatest Hits: You Never Saw Coming (2lp) - Vinyl
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Comprised of fifteen remastered tracks, all recorded since 1998, this powerhouse collection reflects 20 years of cross-genre hits from the superstar during his Warner Music Group era. The tracklisting plays out like the ultimate Kid Rock set, reflecting his indelible imprint on rock, country, pop, and hip-hop. Greatest Hits You Never Saw Coming represents an extensive vision of two decades of Kid Rock and speaks to his enduring popularity.
Disc: 1
  1. Bawitdaba - Armageddon Dildos
  2. All Summer Long - Armageddon Dildos
  3. Cowboy - Armageddon Dildos
  4. Born Free - Armageddon Dildos

Disc: 2
  1. Devil Without a Cause
  2. Picture (feat. Sheryl Crow)
  3. American Bad Ass

Disc: 3
  1. Johnny Cash
  2. So Hott
  3. You Never Met a Motherfucker Quite Like Me
  4. Roll On

Disc: 4
  1. First Kiss
  2. American Rock 'n Roll
  3. Only God Knows Why
  4. Wasting Time (Dixie Remix)
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