Holding All The Roses [lp][explicit] - Vinyl

By: Blackberry Smoke

Holding All The Roses [lp][explicit] - Vinyl
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Holding All the Roses compellingly captures the energy, attitude, and honesty that have already helped to make Blackberry Smoke one of America's hottest live rock 'n' roll outfits, a truly grass-roots phenomenon with a large and fiercely loyal fan base. The 12-song set produced by Grammy-winner Brendan O'Brien, whose previous production clients have included AC/DC, Aerosmith, Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young showcases the Atlanta-based quintet's emotion-charged mix of bluesy rock, gospel soul, and country, with Charlie Starr's raspy twang matched by his and Paul Jackson's snarling guitars, Brandon Still's hauntingly expressive organ and piano, and the propulsive sibling rhythm section of Richard and Brit Turner. The songs' appeal is further elevated by the band's three-part vocal harmonies and elaborate arrangements that make judicious use of fiddle and added percussion. The depth displayed throughout Holding All the Roses demonstrates how Blackberry Smoke has evolved from rough-edged club act to arena-ready rock 'n' roll juggernaut as well as continues to steadily extend and expand the Southern rock tradition. Pressed on translucent red with black 180 gram vinyl. Comes in deluxe gatefold packaging with free full album MP3 download card.
  1. Let Me Help You (Find the Door)
  2. Holding All the Roses
  3. Living in the Song
  4. Rock and Roll Again
  5. Woman in the Moon
  6. Too High
  7. Wish in One Hand
  8. Randolph County Farewell
  9. Payback's a Bitch
  10. Lay It All on Me
  11. No Way Back to Eden
  12. Fire in the Hole

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