Good News For People Who Love Bad News [vinyl] - Vinyl

By: Modest Mouse

Good News For People Who Love Bad News [vinyl] - Vinyl
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180 gram reissue. Includes download card. Also includes vinyl-only bonus track ''I've Got it All (Most).'' Originally Released: 2004 Tracklist A1 Horn Intro 0:10 A2 The World At Large 4:32 A3 Float On 3:28 A4 Ocean Breathes Salty 3:47 B1 Dig Your Grave 0:13 B2 Bury Me With It 3:49 B3 Dance Hall 2:57 B4 Bukowski 4:14 B5 The Devil's Workday 2:19 C1 The View 4:11 C2 Satin In A Coffin 2:35 C3 Interlude (Milo) 0:58 C4 Blame It On The Tetons 5:24 D1 Black Cadillacs 2:43 D2 One Chance 3:02 D3 The Good Times Are Killing Me 4:16 D4 I've Got It All (Most) 3:06
Disc: 1
  1. Horn Intro
  2. The World At Large
  3. Float On
  4. Ocean Breathes Salty

Disc: 2
  1. Dig Your Grave
  2. Bury Me With It
  3. Dance Hall
  4. Bukowski
  5. This Devil's Workday

Disc: 3
  1. The View
  2. Satin In A Coffin
  3. Interlude (Milo)
  4. Blame It On the Tetons

Disc: 4
  1. Black Cadillacs
  2. One Chance
  3. The Good Times Are Killing Me
  4. I've Got It All (Most)
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