Transatlanticism (10th Anniversary Vinyl) - Vinyl

By: Death Cab For Cutie

Transatlanticism (10th Anniversary Vinyl) - Vinyl
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Death Cab for Cuties classic album Transatlanticism, reissued for its 10th anniversary after being out of print for years. Four sides of high-quality 180-gram vinyl in a nice gatefold sleeve, with a 12-page full-color booklet. Comes with download of the album plus the newly released original demos, many of which are drastically different from the final versions.
Disc: 1
  1. The New Year
  2. Lightness
  3. Title and Registration
  4. Expo 86
  5. The Sound of Settling
  6. Tiny Vessels

Disc: 2
  1. Transatlanticism
  2. Passenger Seat
  3. Death of an Interior Decorator
  4. We Looked Like Giants
  5. A Lack of Color
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