The Castles of Scotland - DVD

By: Castles of Scotland

The Castles of Scotland - DVD
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As Seen On PBS - Legendary Sentries of a Storied Past - Scotland's castles emerge from swirling mists to reveal fortresses originally erected against the threat of Viking invaders and later, the threat of neighboring clans. Displaying architectural styles that span hundreds of years, Scottish castles are found amidst majestic hills in beautiful settings that belie their bloody past. This fascinating program explores the romantic history of the clans through tours of the structures that have witnessed centuries of war and tribal treachery. Legends of fairies, secret rooms and ghosts enliven the history of a brave people who proudly defended and preserved their Caledonia - land of the Thistle and the Lion. Bonus Program - Scotland: The Edge of the Land - A spectacular aerial journey along Scotland's western coastline.
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