Great Fighting Machines of WWII - DVD

By: Great Fighting Machines Ww2

Great Fighting Machines of WWII - DVD
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Get a Close-Up Look at Three of World War II's Greatest Fighting Machines: Fighters, Bombers & Tanks - Disc 1: Allied Fighters - Gripping action footage of battle scenes, together with interviews and commentary, recreate the incredible experience of Allied fighter planes in action. See them all: from the awesome Spitfires, which won the Battle of Britain, and the Mustangs which escorted bomber assaults over Germany, to the Lightnings and Corsairs which dominated the Pacific. Disc 2: Axis Fighters - Archival film footage puts you in the cockpit of such superb fighters as the ME-109, FW-190 and Zero as they do battle in the skies over Europe, North Africa and the Pacific. See unique action footage of the first jets and rocket fighters deployed by Germany near the end of the war. Disc 3: Allied Bombers - Flying Fortresses, Lancasters, Marauders, Liberators, Superfortresses and many others carried out massive bombing raids over German and Japanese targets. See for yourself why strategic bombing was such a deadly game for both sides. Disc 4: Axis Bombers - German, Italian and Japanese bomber forces, veterans of earlier campaigns in Spain and China took a heavy toll on the allies before the tide turned. Watch the dive-bombing Stukas, HG-111s and torpedo-carrying "Vals" which introduced a new form of terrifying modern warfare. Disc 5: Allied Tanks - Reeling from the first German Panzer attacks, the Allies quickly produced fighting machines that turned the tide. Shattered by the Nazi armored assaults, the Allies had to re-equip their Armies and re-think their tactics. This video shows all the major tanks of the Western and Eastern Fronts in action, T-34's, Shermans, Churchills, and many more. Tanks and other armored fighting vehicles were the decisive weapons which brought the Third Reich and Japanese Empire to their knees. Allied Armor takes you to the front lines in North Africa, Normandy, Italy, and Russia. Disc 6: Axis Tanks - Here are the Panzers and Tigers of the Nazi Blitzkrieg that spearheaded Hitler's forces across most of Europe to the gates of Moscow. The German Panzers swept through Poland, Holland, Belgium, France, North Africa the Balkans and Russia in the early stages of WWII. Even after defeats at El Alamein, Stalingrad and Kursk, the Panzer divisions continued to hold Allied victory at bay until the bitter end. Axis Armor puts you right into the front line with film coverage of the Panzers in action. Also includes the fascinating equipment of the Japanese and Italian armies. Produced in cooperation with Britain's Imperial War Museum and United State National Archives with written commentary by military expert Bruce Quarrie.
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