A Thousand Leaves [Vinyl] - Vinyl

By: Sonic Youth

A Thousand Leaves [Vinyl] - Vinyl
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With all the guitar chiming and buzzing you crave, propelled in more disharmony than a holiday meal with your family, SONIC YOUTH continues an evolution that moves forward as well as back in time. It's springtime for chrissakes, and Sonic Youth is blooming. Cover art by E-Peace's Marnie Weber.
  1. Contre Le Sexisme
  2. Sunday
  3. Female Mechanic Now on Duty
  4. Wild Flower Soul
  5. Hoarfrost
  6. French Tickler
  7. Hits of Sunshine (For Allen Ginsberg)
  8. Karen Koltrane
  9. Ineffable Me
  10. Snare, Girl
  11. Heather Angel

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