Animal Stories Vol. III

By: Uncle Lar' & Li'l Tommy's,

Animal Stories Vol. III
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Label: WLS

Record Number: WLS 947

1. Let Them Eat Nuts
2. Bikini Wipeout (hang two)
3. The Plowed Farmer
4. Lo-Cal Dessert
5. You Light Up My Udder
6. Flashquack
7. Pizza Mutt
8. When it Hits the Fan
9. Holy Hares!
10. Reach Out & Touch Someone
11. The Lost Kitten
12. Old Lady and the Chipmunks
13. Nipping a Nip
14. The Animal Stories Foundation
15. Mama’s Buns
16. The Pampered Poodle
17. King Zits
18. Camel Hump
19. Hang ‘Em High
20. Unplayable Lie?
21. Geez, We’re Funny!
22. Kind of a Drag
23. The Classified Collection
24. Prudes Pursue Pervert
25. Hope You’re Not Eating During This One!
26. Ok…Time For a Quiz

Cover: VG+ has slight ring wear. Has a cut out.
Record: M-


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