Cry of the Penguins/Indiscretion of an American Wife - DVD

Cry of the Penguins/Indiscretion of an American Wife - DVD
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Double Feature: 1. Cry of the Penguins Leading Role: John Hurt Director: Al Viola Genre: Action, Adventure UPC: 879431000473 A popular biologist travels to Antarctica to study penguins just to impress a young biology student. When he gets there, however, he develops a fascination with the creatures and begins to see life in a different light. Run Time: 105 minutes color 2. Indiscretion of an American Wife Run Time: 76 minutes B&W Leading Role: Jennifer Jones, Montgomery Clift Director: Vittorio De Sica Producer: David O. Selznick, Vittorio De Sica Cast: Clelia Matania, Enrico Olorio, Enrico Viarisio, Gino Cervi, Giuseppe Forelli, Jennifer Jones, Maria Pia Casilio, Montgomery Clift, Nando Bruno, Paolo Stoppa, Richard Beymer Genre: Drama UPC: 090328309152 Director Vittorio de Sica's first English language film, INDISCRETION OF AN AMERICAN WIFE, examines the personal romantic crises of a woman caught between romantic love and her duties as a wife and mother. The film takes place over a few hours in Rome's Terminal Station, where Mary (Jennifer Jones) is preparing to leave her Italian lover Giovanni (Montgomery Clift), who begs her to stay with him. While considering her options, Mary and Giovanni sneak off to an empty railroad car for one last passionate fling, but are soon discovered by a railway worker and arrested for indecent conduct. Mary must escape the charges to catch her train--unless she'd prefer to stay in Rome and never return to her family. Jones plays the role deftly, showing the clear pain that either decision will bring upon her, while De Sica firmly plants her dilemma against the swirl of activity and life in the Roman train station. A married American woman gets involved with another man while visiting relatives in Rome. She decides that the time has come to break off the relationship, and makes plans to return to her husband. But she soon realizes the agony of that decision.
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