An Anthology Vol. II

By: Allman, Duane

An Anthology Vol. II
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2CP 0139

Label: Capricorn

Record Number: 2CP 0139
Gatefold, 2xLP

1. Happily Married Man
2. It Ain't Fair
3. Weight, The
4. You Reap What You Sow
5. Matchbox
6. Born to Be Wild
7. No Money Down
8. Been Gone Too Long
9. Stuff You Gotta Watch
10. Dirty Old Man
11. Push, Push
12. I Walk on Guilded Splinters
13. Waiting For a Train
14. Don't Tell Me Your Troubles
15. Going Upstairs
16. Come on in My Kitchen
17. Dimples
18. Going up the Country
19. Done Somebody Wrong
20. Leave My Blues at Home
21. Midnight Rider

Cover: VG+ has slight ring wear
Record: M-

Stock Photo Used. 

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