Boy Meets World: Season 6 - DVD

Boy Meets World: Season 6 - DVD
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"Boy Meets World" is back for Cory (Ben Savage) and the gang’s freshman year of college. Relive the funniest and most endearing moments as your favorite characters enter a new phase in their lives. Cory and Topanga learn to exist as an engaged couple, Shawn decides to continue his education, and Eric and Jack find the perfect new roommate. Just when they think they’re growing up, life only gets more complicated.

Disc 1
1. His Answer (Part 1)
2. His Answer (Part 2)
3. Ain’t College Great?
4. Friendly Persuasion
5. Better than the Average Cory
6. Hogs and Kisses
7. Everybody Loves Stuart
8. You’re Married, You’re Dead

Disc 2
9. Poetic License: An Ode to Holden Caulfield
10. And In Case I Don’t See Ya
11. Santa’s Little Helpers
12. Cutting the Cord
13. We’ll Have a Good time Then
14. Getting Hitched
15. Road Trip
16. My Baby Valentine

Disc 3
17. Resurrection
18. Can I Help To Cheer You?
19. Bee True
20. The Truth About Honesty
21. The Psychotic Episode
22. State of the Unions
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