Everything In Transit

By: Jack's Mannequin

Everything In Transit
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Brand New Double LP Vinyl Record Album

Label: Maverick/Rhino  

Record Number: 081227953836 


Disc 1
1. Holiday From Real
2. The Mixed Tape
3. Bruised
4. I'm Ready
5. La La Lie
6. Dark Blue
7. Miss Delaney
8. Kill The Messenger
9. Rescued
10. MFEO: Pt. 1 Made For Each Other / Pt. 2 You Can Breathe
11. Into The Airwaves

Disc 2
1. The Lights And Buzz
2. Kill The Messenger (Live From Rock Xentral) 
3. Meet Me At My Window
4. Last Straw, AZ
5. Lonely For Her
6. Bruised (Acoustic Version)
7. Locked Doors
8. I'm Ready (Live From New York City)