10-Film American Horror Stories V.2 - DVD

10-Film American Horror Stories V.2 - DVD
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Bay Coven
The island community of Bay Cove is quaint and picturesque. But behind the façade of a happy little town is a coven of witches on a mission to fill a vacancy in their bloodline.

Grave Secrets: The Legacy of Hilltop Drive
The Williams' family moves into a newly-built house, but strangely, someone—or something—has already staked a claim on the property.

Midnight's Child
An evil au pair puts a family under her sinister spell...one they must break if they hope to survive her stay.

Helen Coltrane, at her husband's last request, fosters a young girl whose evil she mistakes for innocence.

The Cry
In this modern twist on an ancient legend, a detective fights to protect a boy from his own mother...and from the cry of La Llorana.

The Haunting of Fox Hollow Farm
On the property where serial killer Herb Baumeister buried his victims, a group of paranormal experts investigate the haunting claims of lingering spirits.

Haunting of Winchester House
A family moves into the Winchester mansion, but when a malevolent force abducts their daughter, they discover why it's known as one of most haunted places in America.

The Cellar Door
Herman seeks girl-next-door types to capture, torture and kill and his basement. But his latest victim, Rudy, has other plans.

Room 33
When a group of stranded travelers spend the night at an abandoned institution, they discover an evil force still lives there—and doesn't want them to leave.

Driven by unexplainable nightmares, Drew Summers arrives in the small town of Steveston, Oregon, on the first anniversary of Laura Fairgate's mysterious death.
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