Jack The Tab (Picture Disk)

By: Psychic TV

Jack The Tab (Picture Disk)
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Label: Castalia Recordings

Record Number: Acid 001

Limited Edition # 480 of 1000. This record is made up of various artist all believed to be Psychic TV recorded under different names. All of which is Acid/House/Trance Music. Flip side has track, label and artist info as well as the edition number.

1. Psyche Out : By King Tubby
2. Rapid Bliss: By Pearl Necklace
3. Aquarius Rising: By The Loaded Angels
4. Last Night: By Wolves Of The Sun
5. Blue Heart: By Essence
6. Oxygen: By Griselda
7. Terminate: By Over The Brink
8. Youth: By Vernon Castle
9. Only Human: By Nobody Uninc Balkan Red
10. Alert: By Alligator Shear Meet Every Situation
11. Head On: By M.E.S.H

Record: M-

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