Christina's House - DVD

Christina's House - DVD
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Within every wall of her home, someoneor somethinghas been watching. A taut and horrifying thriller, Christina's House takes a hot, young cast, including Brad Rowe (Body Shots, "Wasteland") and Brendan Fehr (The Forsaken, Final Destination), into its dark innards where mysterious murders keep claiming its guests. Charged with electrifying performances and breathlessly fast-paced plot twists, Christina's House invites you in, locks its doors behind you and scares you half to death! On the surface, everything about Christina's (Allison Lange) life seems perfectly normal. With an over-protective dad (John Savage), a video game junkie of a little brother (Lorne Stewart), a capable handyman (Rowe) and a new boyfriend (Fehr) around, she has little to worry about. Little, that is, until dead bodies start popping up! Now, Christina must figure out whoor whatis lurking within the walls of her home, turning every room into a death chamber and calling for her as its next victim!
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