Blood Of The Dragon Peril - DVD

Blood Of The Dragon Peril - DVD
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Of all the martial arts schools in Manchuria, The Ching-Bay school is the most famous. The master of the school, Chao Ching-Bah, is an expert in many different styles, however, his specialty is the "Plum-Flower Stick" style. The Japanese occupation forces have disrupted his classes and are harassing his students, as well as the local folk. Because of his resistance, the Japanese brutally murder Master Bah, close his school, and beat up his eldest son, Chao-Hoi. Master Bah's younger son Chao-Lui joins the Japanese forces to the disgrace and anguish of his remaining family. A mysterious masked stranger is causing trouble in the Japanese camps and in the surrounding villages. Chao-Lui is ordered by them to eliminate the trouble masker. He finds out that the masked man is really his brother Chao-Hoi. They join forces against the Japanese to drive them out of Manchuria, as the brothers become renowed Masters and patriots to the cause of freedom.
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