How Late'll Ya Play Til?

By: Bromberg Band, David

How Late'll Ya Play Til?
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Label: Fantasy Records

Record Number: F-79007

Gatefold, 2 LP


1. Danger Man II
2. Get Up And Go/Fiddle Tunes
3. Summer Wages
4. Dallas Rag/Maple Leaf Rag
5. Whoopee Ti Yi Yo
6. Young Westley
7. Dyin' Crapshooter's Blues
8. Bluebird
9. Idol With A Golden Head
10. Chubby Thighs
11. Kaatskill Serenade
12. Sloopy Drunk
13. Bullforg Blues
14. Sweet Home Chicago
15. Come On In My Kitchen
16. Will Not Be Your Fool
17. Such A Night

Cover: VG
Record: M-

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