Cold Spring Harbor (promo)

By: Joel, Billy

Cold Spring Harbor (promo)
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Label: Family Productions

Record Number: FPS-2700

This is Billy Joel’s first album, as you may know the original mix of this album was messed up. The tapes were played too fast, making his voice sound very high. This nearly destroyed Joel and he almost missed his chance at the big time. This is one of the original lp’s that were mixed wrong. Truly a piece of rock history.

1. She's Got a Way
2. You Can Make Me Free
3. Everybody Loves You Now
4. Why Judy Why
5. Falling of the Rain
6. Turn Around
7. You Look So Good to Me
8. Tomorrow Is Today
9. Nocturne
10. Got to Begin Again

Cover: VG+
Record: VG+

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