Nevermind: The Singles (Four 10 inch LPs)

By: Nirvana

Nevermind: The Singles (Four 10 inch LPs)
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Label: Geffen Records

Record Number: B0016231-01

Four 10 inch LPs

Single 1:
Smells Like Teen Spirit
1. Smells Like Teen Spirit
2. DrainYou
3. Even In His Youth
4. Aneurysm

Single 2: Lithium
1. Lithium
2. Been A Son (Live)
3. Curmudgeon
4. D-7

Single 3: Come As You Are
1. Come As You Are
2. Endless, Nameles
3. School (Live)
4. Drain You (Live)

Single 4: In Bloom
1. In Bloom
2. Sliver (Live)
3. Polly (Live)