Big Bambu (w/Rolling Paper)

By: Cheech And Chong

Big Bambu (w/Rolling Paper)
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SP 77014

Label: Ode Records, Inc.

Record Number: SP 77014
Gatefold, Includes Large Rolling paper inside.

1. Sister Mary Elephant
2. Ralph and Herbie
3. Streets of New York or Los Angeles or San Francisco or...
4. Rebuttal: Speaker Ashley Roachclip
5. Continuing Adventures of Pedro de Pacas & Man
6. Bust, The
7. Tortured Old Man
8. Empire Hancock
9. Lets Make a Dope Deal
10. UnAmerican Bandstand

Cover: VG+ Has very slight ring wear
Record: VG+
Rolling Paper: is flat and clean.

Stock photo used.

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