Molly Hatchet Live (Promo box set)

By: Molly Hatchet

Molly Hatchet Live (Promo box set)
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Label: Epic Records

Record Number: AS-528
Super Rare Promo Only!
3 LP, all of them are White Label Promos. This Special Collectors Item contains two copies of Molly Hatched Live (AS 528) and one copy of Molly Hatchet (JE35347)


Molly Hatchet Live
1. Bounty Hunter
2. Gator Country
3. Big Apple
4. Dreams ill Never See
5. Trust Your Old Friend

Molly Hatchet
1. Bounty Hunter
2. Gator Country
3. Big Apple
4. Creeper, The
5. Price You Pay, The
6. Dreams Ill Never See
7. Ill Be Running
8. Cheatin Woman
9. Trust Your Old Friend

Box: VG+ Beautiful In every way, corners are sharp box has not flattened at all.
Record: M-

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