Apples In Stereo, The Travellers In Space And Time

 Apples In Stereo, The Travellers In Space And Time
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by Apples In Stereo, The

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Brand New Double Vinyl Record!

This Record includes a limited edition 12” called Future vintage: covers of the Apples In Stereo. This 12" was given away for free with Travelers in Space and Time for record store day 2010. Don’t miss this chance to catch a limited bonus lp for free!

Label: Yeproc

Record Number: Yep 2212

1.Code, The
2. Dream About the Future
3. Hey Elevator
4. Strange Solar System
5. Dance Floor
6. C.P.U.
7. No One in the World
8. Dignified Dignitary
9. No Vacation
10. Told You Once
11. Its All Right
12. Next Year at About the Same Time
13. Floating in Space
14. Nobody But You
15. Wings Away
16. Time Pilot

Bonus Lp
1. Ted Leo: Ruby
2. Bad Veins: Benefits of Lying
3. Throw Me The Statue: The Rainbow
4. The Generationals: Ruby
5. Maps and Atlases: Same Old Drag
6. Elf Power: Stawberryfire







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