Jaime [lp][sandstone] - Vinyl

By: Brittany Howard

Jaime [lp][sandstone] - Vinyl
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As the frontwoman and guitarist for Alabama Shakes, Brittany Howard has become one of music''s most celebrated figures-the band has won four Grammys, and she has performed everywhere from the Obama White House to the main stage at Lollapalooza. But for her solo debut, Jaime, Howard boldly explores new directions, with diverse instrumentation and arrangements and intimate, revelatory lyrics. Recorded at Shawn Everett''s Los Angeles studio, it''s an enormous step both musically and personally.
  1. History Repeats (Side A)
  2. He Loves Me (Side A)
  3. Georgia (Side A)
  4. Stay High (Side A)
  5. Tomorrow (Side A)
  6. Short And Sweet (Side A)
  7. 13th Century Metal (Side B)
  8. Baby (Side B)
  9. Goat Head (Side B)
  10. Presence (Side B)
  11. Run To Me (Side B)

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