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Mr. Bad Guy [lp] - Vinyl

By: Mercury, Freddie

Mr. Bad Guy [lp] - Vinyl
VINYL NEW 1 available


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A newly mixed 11-track special edition of “Mr. Bad Guy.” The sound team took source material not from previously remastered and mixed tapes, but from the original source multi-track tapes, so that they could be built into a new mix true to Freddie’s original versions - now taking advantage of the time, resources and technology that Freddie may not have originally had available to him in the 1980s. All offer ultimate quality, first generation vocals showing off Freddie’s incredible vocal range.
Disc: 1
  1. Let''s Turn It On (2019 Special Edition)
  2. Made in Heaven (2019 Special Edition)
  3. I Was Born to Love You (2019 Special Edition)
  4. Foolin'' Around (2019 Special Edition)
  5. Your Kind of Lover (2019 Special Edition)

Disc: 2
  1. Mr. Bad Guy (2019 Special Edition)
  2. Man Made Paradise (2019 Special Edition)
  3. There Must Be More to Life Than This (2019 Special Edition)
  4. Living on My Own (2019 Special Edition)
  5. My Love Is Dangerous (2019 Special Edition)
  6. Love Me Like There''s No Tomorrow (2019 Special Edition)
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