Atomic Journeys - Welcome To Ground Zero - Dvd

Atomic Journeys - Welcome To Ground Zero - Dvd
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Four decades ago, feeling a rumble beneath your feet and seeing the lights flicker may not have been a passing train or mild earthquake, but something more atomic detonation a few hundred miles from your home. This is the secret the government kept for years: atomic weapons testing were being conducted across the country, and few people know about it. Atomic bombs were literally being dropped in our backyards - witness actual newsreel footage of an unarmed nuke that was accidentally dropped on a South Carolina town. Many of the tests were art of the Atomic Energy Commission''s attempt to explore the use of these weapons for \"peaceful purposes,\" such as building new canals and harbors and increasing output from natural gas wells. However, the Commission was also testing the detection-and concealment-of seismic signals from nuclear explosions. Peter Kuran, the award-winning creator of \"Trinity and Beyond: The Atomic Bomb Movie,\" brings you to ten former testing sites from Alaska to Mississippi, including the Nevada Test Site, \"the most bombed place on earth\", where more than 900 bombs were detonated. The United States wasn''t the only nation performing such tests - Atomic Journeys will also take you on an atomic slide show tour of test sites used by France, England, and the Soviet Union. Atomic Journeys: Welcome to Ground Zero''s presentation of spectacular, never-before-seen footage will shock and astound you. A powerful original score from the Moscow Symphony Orchestra and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound raise your viewing experience to a new level, helping to bring home the stark realities of the atomic era.
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