Making Marines - Dvd

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Making Marines - Dvd
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Each and every Marine Corps recruit has to survive 12 weeks of Boot Camp. It is perhaps the toughest 12 weeks anyone can imagine - especially for those whose average age is 19. To become one of the few and the proud, these recruits must first learn just to survive. More than just a showcase of grueling training, these three hours will shed light on the lives and backgrounds of those who make the decision to become United States Marines. Tragically, the events of September 11th take place in the middle of the sixth week of training. But for most recruits, the acts of terrorism only strengthen their resolve to become modern soldiers. Episode 1. Parris Island- Phase One: Follow young recruits as they prepare for Boot Camp at Parris Island. From all over the eastern U.S., they roll off the bus in the middle of the night and begin their transformation into U.S. Marines. Episode 2. Parris Island- Phase Two: The recruits at Parris Island learn to cope with the punishing regimen of physical training and mental conditioning. In the confidence course, they are pushed beyond their limits. Nerves become frayed, and attrition takes its toll. Episode 3. Parris Island- Phase Three: Training becomes more demanding as the recruits enter the 54-hour Crucible. Upon completion of this final test, they march to the mess hall for the Warrior''s breakfast.
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