Cotillions [2 Lp][clear/black Marble] - Vinyl

By: Corgan, William Patrick

Cotillions [2 Lp][clear/black Marble] - Vinyl
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William Patrick Corgan (aka, Billy Corgan of rock legends The Smashing Pumpkins) releases his second solo album. The 17-track album that Billy described as a "labor of love" leans heavily towards Americana, eschewing the fuzzy guitars and letting the songs speak for themselves. 2 LP set in clear with black marble.
  1. To Scatter One''s Own
  2. Hard Times
  3. Anon
  4. 6+7
  5. Neptulius
  6. Apologia
  7. Rider
  8. Martinets
  9. Faithless Darlin''
  10. Jubilee
  11. Fragile, The Spark
  12. Cotillions
  13. Colosseum
  14. Buffalo Boys
  15. Dancehall
  16. Cri De Coeur
  17. Like Lambs

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