Meeting Resistance - Dvd

Meeting Resistance - Dvd
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{WINNER! Best documentary, 2008 MVV Festival}

{WINNER! Golden Award, 2007 Al Jazeera Int''l Documentary Film Festival}

{WINNER! Best of the West, 2007 Hawaii Int''l Film Festival}

{WINNER! Best Documentary: Courage in Filmmaking award, Women Film Critics Circle Awards 2007}

Meeting Resistance is a daring, eye-opening film that raises the veil of anonymity surrounding the Iraq''s insurgency by meeting face to face with individuals who are passionately engaged in the struggle against coalition forces. It documents for the first time the sentiments experienced and actions taken by a nation''s citizens when their homeland is occupied. with unique insight into the people involved in the resistance, this acclaimed film explodes myth after myth about the war in Iraq and the Iraqis who participate. Voices which have been previously unheard - both males and female - speak candidly about their motivations, hopes and goals, revealing a kaliedoscope of human perspectives. Through its unprecedented access to insurgent and clandestine groups, Meeting Resistance is the missing puzzle piece in understanding the Iraq war- not only the toll of our occupatiion but the mindset behind those who resist.
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