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Stressed To Kill - Dvd

Stressed To Kill - Dvd
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After suffering a heart attack, Bill (Bill Oberst Jr). is advised by his doctor to identify and eliminate the stresses from his life. Determined to live to a ripe old age, Bill takes his doctor''s advice literally and begins silently killing the people who anger him with poisonous darts. Almost immediately, Bill''s blood pressure drops, and he begins to enjoy life once again. Unfortunately, the stresses closer to home are not so easily removed, and Bill struggles to keep his blood pressure levels in check. Also complicating Bill''s new healthier state of being is a psychotic cop (Armand Assante) who begins to close in on Bill after he connects him to the stress-inspired \"Dartman\" killings that are sweeping the city. Pursued by the cop, Bill and his half-witted friend Stan (Marshal Hilton) are forced to come up with a clever plan in order to keep themselves out of jail. The plan involves taking care of a constant source of stress for Stan, and addressing Bill''s marital problems once and for all.
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