Cold Sweat/chino - Dvd

Cold Sweat/chino - Dvd
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Total Running Time: 3 hrs 11 min

Cold Sweat (1970) 94 min COLOR Starring: Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland, Liv Ullman, James Mason; Director: Terence Young

Charles Bronson is at his brutal, brawling best in this high-energy, action-packed thriller. Bronson plays Joe Moran, an American ex-con living in France with his wife (Liv Ullman) and stepdaughter. His past returns to haunt him after his old crew is released from prison and tracks him down to offer a new criminal proposal. When Joe rebuffs them, his former friends kidnap his family for revenge. Now, it’s a race against time as Joe takes on the captors one by one to save the lives of his loved ones…and himself!

Chino (1973) 97 min COLOR
Starring: Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland, Vincent Van Patten; Director: John Sturges

In this classic western, Charles Bronson plays Chino Valdez, a half-breed Indian who is ostracized by the nearby townsfolk. He lives a solitary existence on the open range, breaking wild horses for a living. When an antagonistic rancher threatens his livelihood, love, and life, the real showdown begins! Adapted from the novel The Valdez Horses by Lee Hoffman.

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