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Fantasy Horror Collection V.1 Featuring Dire Wolf - Dvd

Fantasy Horror Collection V.1 Featuring Dire Wolf - Dvd
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Dire Wolf
Sheriff Parker is dealing with a big problem...a problem much bigger than the rural community he patrols. Loose in the woods is a prehistoric predator with a serious appetite. Genetically modified by scientists, the creature—part dire wolf, part human—is on the prowl for prey. If he doesn''t do something fast, Parker and his people will become one giant snack for this vicious beast.

A group of friends trespass on private property in order to hike a hard-to-access trail...but now they''re deep in the woods where no one can save them from a maniacal killer.

A vicious, bacteria-ridden creature stalks its prey in the woods of a rural Michigan community.

The Eves
Headed to the beach for spring break, car trouble in the boondocks means a killing spree for a group of friends.

Monsters in the Woods
A horror movie shoot in the woods turns deadly when real-life monsters attack the cast and crew.

Moon of the Wolf
The sheriff of a tiny swampland town must discover who—or what—is responsible for the brutal murder of a young woman.

Werewolf in a Girls'' Dormitory
At a boarding school for wayward girls, a murderous beast is prowling the grounds with razor-sharp claws, skin-shredding teeth and an insatiable lust for blood.

Call of the Yukon
In an Eskimo settlement abandoned each winter because of its harsh weather and vicious wolves, a writer, a trader and a trapper seek shelter in a deserted cabin.

Howling IV: The Original Nightmare
Marie and her husband plan a relaxing getaway...but something sinister lurks in the light of the full moon.
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