Rockford: 1900 To World War I (il) (postcard History Series) - Paperback

Rockford: 1900 To World War I (il) (postcard History Series) - Paperback
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During the early decades of the 20th century, communication by postcard was an inexpensive and popular means of exchanging travel stories, news, and gossip across the United States. For just a few cents each, postcards connected friends and family separated by hundreds of miles. Rockford: 1900-World War I, with a collection of nearly 240 vintage postcard images, captures the details of this dynamic era and documents the Forest City''s coming of age.

Inside are views of Rockford''s bustling downtown, including rare glimpses of long-gone landmarks like the Grand Opera House and Orpheum Theater. Witness history in the making with Rockford''s first recorded airplane flights in 1911 and experience U.S. Army \"doughboy\" life at Rockford''s Camp Grant. Be there for Teddy Roosevelt''s historic visits to Rockford, and marvel at the intrepid companies that turned Rockford into a national manufacturing power.

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