Outlaw Justice - Dvd

Outlaw Justice - Dvd
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In the tradition of THE WILD BUNCH and THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN comes this fast-paced, action-filled western with unforgettable performances by an all-star cast: Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, Travis Tritt and Waylon Jennings. All hell breaks loose in this riveting story when a group of former outlaws with bad attitudes teams up to catch a killer with murder and revenge on his mind. After Tobey (Jennings), a retired member of the group, is brutally gunned down by former member and killer, Clinton Reese, our band of reformed gunslingers, Lee (Nelson), Tarence (Kristofferson) and Dalton (Tritt), sets out on Clinton''s trail. They are joined by Tobey''s reluctant young son Bryce. Following the trail of the killer, our heroes are lured across the border straight into Clinton''s ambush. Clinton, aided by the Mexican army, squares off against our band of heroes. The action explodes as the ultimate sacrifice must be paid for justice...outlaw style!
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