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8-movie Spy Thrillers - Dvd

8-movie Spy Thrillers - Dvd
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CIA Agent Rob Greene is locked in a battle with a notorious criminal, but the stakes are raised when his son becomes involved. Co-starring Sandra Bullock.

The New Republic
A cynical college student (Owen Beckman) is expelled, and put on probation for dealing narcotics. His contemptuous attitude soon lands him between a rock and a hard place in a near future world of competing ideologies.

C.I.A. II: Target Alexa
When a top-secret nuclear guidance system is stolen from a government facility, CIA Agent Mark Graver (Lorenzo Lamas) and former terrorist Alexa, must team up to retrieve it.

Hidden Agenda
The brother (Kevin Dillon) of a dead CIA agent becomes the center of a conspiracy when he discovers a top-secret computer disc.

Saigon: Year of the Cat
The fall of South Vietnam is the backdrop for a passionate affair between a British woman (Judi Dench) and an American CIA agent (Frederic Forrest) working in Saigon who sense that the end is very near.

The Deadly Recruits
Plot twists and double crosses keep the suspense high in this Cold War classic that pitches a university professor/in intelligence agent (Terence Stamp), his wife (Carmen du Sautoy), and his friend a police officer (Michael Culver) against anti-government subversives.

The beautiful daughter of a convicted spy is hired by the CIA to take down a Soviet arms dealer in this Alfred Hitchcock remake.

Spy in White
A former military officer (James Mason), managing a tobacco warehouse in Turkey, falls for a Russian woman who is being used by an Arab prince in an attempt to overthrow the government.
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