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My Chauffeur (1986) - Dvd

My Chauffeur (1986) - Dvd
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Sleek cars, stuffy old men, and a Madonna-esque, high spirited girl are the ingredients of this 1980''s comedy that has since reached cult status deservingly. Cult actress Deborah Foreman, star of such films as Valley Girl, April Fool''s Day, Waxwork, and Lobster Man From Mars gives her best performance yet, defying all other mainstream 80''s starlets such as Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy. The plot centers around Foreman''s character Casey Meadows, who has just been hired for a position as a chauffeur at the elite Brentwood Limiousines Ltd. Casey is not welcomed by her new colleagues, mainly because she happens to be the only female working there. Can Casey prove them wrong and save her job? The film takes us on a journey through all of Casey''s driving escapades, which include a feisty punk star, an Arabian prince, and ultimately, the son of the owner of Brentwood, where the climax of the film begins. When I watched this movie for the first time, it reminded me of other 80''s flicks like Mannequin and Maid to Order. This film surpasses those though, mixing elements of 1930''s screwball comedy and Valley Girl style. After this film being virtually unavailable for years, Rhino productions has kindly re-released it on VHS and DVD. If you dont posess a liking for 80''s films in general, you most likely will not enjoy this film, but if you have an open mind and a love for campy 80''s pop culture, then you will no doubt love this film.
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