Rambo Trilogy 3 Dvd Set - Unknown Binding

Rambo Trilogy 3 Dvd Set - Unknown Binding
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Rambo Trilogy (First Blood/First Blood Part II/Rambo III) Universal/sony $16 (Excl. Delivery*) Sylvester Stallone stars as John Rambo in the trilogy of explosive action-thrillers, packed with heart pounding adventure till the very end. First Blood: John Rambo a bewildered Vietnam Vet, is hitchhiking from one city to another. Sheriff Will Teasle tries to make him leave his town; but when Rambo refuses, he gets arrested for wandering. Rambo escapes, showing his Vietnam fighting skills and takes to the woods as the sheriff and deputies hunt him. As the publicity of Rambo''s one man war escalates, Teasle and his squad are confronted by Colonel Trautman, Rambo''s former commander and the only one who may be able to stop him. / Rambo First Blood Part II: Although the Vietnam War is officially over, John Rambo remains a formidable fighting machine. His survival skills are tested on a top-secret mission, taking him back to the jungles of Vietnam. His mission is to search for American soldiers missing in action and possibly still alive and held captive by Vietnamese Captain Vinh and his Russian comrade, Lieutenant Colonel Padovsky. / Rambo III: John Rambo is now living a secluded life in a Buddhist monastery in Thailand. When Rambo''s former commander, Colonel Trautman asks for his help with a top-secret mission in Afghanistan, Rambo declines. Trautman is kidnapped during the operation by Russian Colonel Zaysen. Rambo launches a rescue mission, allies himself with the Mujahedeen rebels and gets their help in trying to save Trautman from Zaysen.
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