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Whispering Smith: The Complete Tv Series - Dvd

Whispering Smith: The Complete Tv Series - Dvd
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Whispering Smith starring Audie Murphy - The Complete NBC TV Series! One of the rarest and most sought after of all television westerns, Whispering Smith featured Audie Murphy, America''s most decorated soldier in WWII, as a Denver-based railroad private eye in the Old West. Many of the episodes were based on actual Denver police cases, and Smith has to use all his wits, as well as his skill with a Colt .45 to bring justice to those who would defraud the railroad. His superior was played by Sam Buffington, his partner by Guy Mitchell, and although it aired for only 20 episodes, the show had a great cast of guest stars, including Les Tremayne, Forrest Tucker, Marie Windsor, Alan Mowbray, Minerva Urecal, Alan Hale Jr. and Marjorie Reynolds. Bonus Feature: Medal of Honor: The Audie Murphy Story - The complete story of one of America''s true heroes, Audie Murphy, who received the Medal of Honor for his bravery under fire in WWII, as well as 32 other medals including the Silver Star and the Distinguished Service Award.
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