Best Of The Sun Records Sessions - Vinyl

By: Howlin' Wolf

Best Of The Sun Records Sessions - Vinyl
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Vinyl LP pressing. Howlin' Wolf recorded some of his finest work while in Memphis, Tennessee from 1951-1952 with legendary producer and Sun Records founder, Sam Phillips, who once remarked, "When I heard Howlin'' Wolf, I said, ''This is for me. This is where the soul of man never dies''." This essential 14-track album features the very best of those sessions, all in one place.
  1. All in the Mood
  2. Bluebird
  3. Drinkin'' C V Wine
  4. Mr. Highway Man
  5. Chocolate Drop
  6. Well That''s Alright
  7. I Got a Woman
  8. Oh Red
  9. My Troubles and Me
  10. Dorothy Mae
  11. Come Back Home
  12. My Baby Walked Off
  13. Getting Old and Grey
  14. My Last Affair

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