Never Boring [lp] - Vinyl

By: Freddie Mercury

Never Boring [lp] - Vinyl
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Never Boring includes a new 12-track compilation of many of Freddie’s greatest solo performances. The sound team took source material not from previously remastered and mixed tapes, but from the original source multi-track tapes, so that they could be built into a new mix true to Freddie’s original versions - now taking advantage of the time, resources and technology that Freddie may not have originally had available to him in the 1980s. All offer ultimate quality, first generation vocals showing off Freddie’s incredible vocal range.
Disc: 1
  1. The Great Pretender (2019 Special Edition)
  2. I Was Born to Love You (2019 Special Edition)
  3. Barcelona (New Orchestrated Version/2019 Remaster) (Performed by Montserrat Caball)
  4. In My Defence (2000 Remix)
  5. Love Kills (2019 Special Edition)
  6. How Can I Go On (New Orchestrated Version/Single Version) (Performed by Montserrat Caball)

Disc: 2
  1. Love Me Like There''s No Tomorrow (2019 Special Edition)
  2. Living on My Own (No More Brothers Radio Mix)
  3. The Golden Boy (New Orchestrated Version/Single Edit) (Performed by Montserrat Caball)
  4. Time Waits for No One
  5. She Blows Hot and Cold (2019 Special Edition)
  6. Made in Heaven (2019 Special Edition)
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