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Live Upon A Blackstar [blu-ray] - Blu-ray

Live Upon A Blackstar [blu-ray] - Blu-ray
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While hard at work on his sophomore album Wish Upon a Blackstar, Celldweller mastermind Klayton took to the road on his first
tour in five years. Now, you can share the experience with the new live tour album & DVD, which features material recorded at
shows in the US, Russia, Canada, and Japan. The CD features 12 songs from Wish Upon a Blackstar, Soundtrack for the Voices
in My Head, and the self-titled debut revamped, remixed, and mashed up for an exclusive live experience! The DVD includes
over 60 minutes of seamless, custom shot & edited backing video on three projection screens, along with custom stage gear and
lighting, for a presentation that completely tears down and reconstructs the concept of a live show.
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