There Is Something Wrong [lp] - Vinyl

By: Aftermath

There Is Something Wrong [lp] - Vinyl
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The second full length album from these pioneers of American technical/progressive thrash metal arrives 25 years after their debut Eyes Of Tomorrow. Famous for many reasons, the band returns with a concept album that blends their crossover roots with their progressive side. The result is a massive, aggressive sound that will push you to find out the truth and know your real enemies.
  1. Can You Feel It ?
  2. False Flag Flying
  3. Diethanasia
  4. Scientists and Priest
  5. Smash Reset Control
  6. Gaslight - Aftermath
  7. A Handful of Dynamite
  8. Temptation Overthrown
  9. Pseudocide
  10. There Is Something Wrong
  11. Expulsion

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