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Falling - Vinyl

By: Seapony

Falling - Vinyl
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VINYL:    M-

Seapony returns with their second full length lp, and while the groups first album, Go with Me, was a Spring/Summer record written for fun without the thought of it even being released, Falling is more of a Summer/Fall record, written and recorded with careful precision that we only see from seasoned pros. Falling is complex yet simple pop music to fall in or out of love to. Recorded by Danny Rowland at Seapony HQ in Seattle, WA and mixed at Dub Narcotic in Olympia, WA by Bob Schwenkler, and mastered by KRAMER (Galaxy 500, Daniel Johnston, etc), Falling is Seapony at their best.
  1. Outside
  2. Tell Me So
  3. What You Wanted
  4. Follow
  5. Be Alone
  6. No One Will
  7. Never Be
  8. Sunlight
  9. Prove to Me
  10. Fall Apart
  11. See Me Cry
  12. Nothing Left
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