Ride Your Heart - Vinyl

By: Bleached

Ride Your Heart - Vinyl
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VINYL:      M-

On the heels of three well-received singles comes Ride Your Heart, the bombastic debut album by LA band Bleached. Sisters Jennifer and Jessie Clavin match their ability to blend a mix of freewheeling '77 punk with vintage sunny Southern California melodic rock and roll; creating blindingly bright hooks and dark heartfelt lyrics about love, loss, and the crazy fun moments in between.
  1. Looking for a Fight
  2. Next Stop
  3. Outta My Mind
  4. Dead in Your Head
  5. Dream Without You
  6. Waiting By the Telephone
  7. Love Spells
  8. Searching Through the Past
  9. Ride Your Heart
  10. Dead Boy
  11. Guy Like You
  12. When I Was Yours

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