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The Thrill Of It All: A Visual History 1972-1982 - Dvd

The Thrill Of It All: A Visual History 1972-1982 - Dvd
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NTSC/Region 0. Two DVD set. The Thrill Of It All: A Visual History 1972 - 1982 is the definitive Roxy Music DVD. It vividly captures the band''s recording career, packed with live footage, much of it previously unseen and their back catalogue of promo videos. For all their imitators and admirers, no one has ever successfully cloned the unique and indefinable combination of elements that made Roxy Music one of the most influential bands in Rock music history. Now for the first time with the release of The Thrill Of It All, fans are given the opportunity to take a comprehensive look back at the career of a band that combined idiosyncratic experimentation, sophisticated wit and a highly developed visual presentation. With memorable TV performances for singles like ''Virginia Plain'', ''Do The Strand'' and ''Pyjamarama'', classic videos for tracks like ''Avalon'' and ''Jealous Guy'' and the unforgettable live recordings of tracks like ''Editions Of You'' and ''Street Life'', this DVD really demonstrates a band who triumphantly combined both style and substance. EMI.
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