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Pows Of The Reich: Prisoners Of The Reich - 2 Dvd Collector''s Embossed Tin! - Dvd

Pows Of The Reich: Prisoners Of The Reich - 2 Dvd Collector''s Embossed Tin! - Dvd
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P.O.W.''s of the Reich - 2 DVD COLLECTOR''S EMBOSSED TIN! Told exclusively through interviews of prisoner of war veterans, this unique documentary uncovers first hand accounts of survival, heroism and bravery. The airmen and soldiers who found themselves thrust into the bizarre and dangerous world of Nazi prison camps faced an unreal struggle against hunger, boredom and their unknown fate. These are the stories of the Prisoners of the Reich. Part 1 - Before they were prisoners of war, they were soldiers and airmen. They were flying missions over France, Holland, Italy and Germany. They were taking bunkers and engaging the enemy in firefights on their march to victory. However, fate intervened and now they were Prisoners of the Reich. Follow these soldiers and airmen as their amazing prisoner of war stories begin to unfold with their death defying final missions. Watch as these soon to be POWs find themselves suddenly thrust into untenable positions and must make split-second life or death decisions. Listen as the newly captured allied prisoners describe their capture and the surreal, and at times terrifying, interrogations they were put through before being transported to their permanent camps. Part 2 - Continue to follow the newly captured Allied prisoners as they are introduced to life in a POW camp. First hand accounts of the hunger and unending boredom are recalled as well as the humorous moments and tales of friendship. See the dark sides of POW life as work crews are forced to work in factories or fixing rail lines. Hear tales of amazing escapes, including the unbelievable story of The Great Escape told by those who were actually there. Then, march along with the prisoners in freezing cold as the German guards force the POWs to evacuate the camp in the face of the oncoming Red Army. Finally, rejoice with the soldiers and airmen as liberation finally comes, and once again, they know the taste of freedom.
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