Willy & Poor Boys [lp][1/2 Speed Master] - Vinyl

By: Creedence Clearwater Revival

Willy & Poor Boys [lp][1/2 Speed Master] - Vinyl
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50th anniversary edition of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s fourth studio album, first released in November of 1969, marking the last of three album releases that same epochal year. Featuring the hits “Down on the Corner “Fortunate Son,” “Midnight Special,” “Cotton Fields” and more.
  1. Down on the Corner
  2. It Came Out of the Sky
  3. Cotton Fields
  4. Poorboy Shuffle
  5. Feelin'' Blue
  6. Fortunate Son
  7. Don''t Look Now (It Ain''t You or Me)
  8. The Midnight Special
  9. Side O'' the Road
  10. Effigy

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