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Wwii Diaries - Volume 1 - Sept 1939 - Jun 1942 - Dvd

Wwii Diaries - Volume 1 - Sept 1939 - Jun 1942 - Dvd
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A Day-By-Day Chronicle of the most epic event in the 20th Century!

Follow the monumental steps that changed history!

The chaos, sacrifice and heroism of WWII are presented through a day-by-day profile of the significant milestones that propelled and diminished the most terrifying regime of the 20th Century! This compelling series highlights the details and daily headlines of September 1939 through June 1942 showcasing the beginning conflicts between the Axis and the Allies. Comprehensive and insightful, these chronicles unravel the epic struggles and unimaginable horror that plagued the vast majority of the world s nations. From the front-lines to the home-front this exceptional series contains hours of wartime video footage, newsreels, photographs and much more! Follow the monumental steps that changed history in WWII DIARIES A DAY BY DAY CHRONICLE.

Includes bonus documentaries from the Why We Fight propaganda series used to garner support from soldiers and the public:
Prelude to War (won an Oscar® for Best Documentary)
The Nazis Strike
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