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Great Explorers - Dvd

Great Explorers - Dvd
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Get set for adventure with GREAT EXPLORERS. This special collection includes: the perilous catastrophes of one of history s most epic adventures - the lost voyage of Columbus. The thrilling stories of men like Hudson, Ribault and Bering who stopped at nothing to conquer an unknown land and its peoples. The 20-year journey of Marco Polo through China, India, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. An in-depth portrait of Lewis and Clark and their journey from Missouri to the Pacific Ocean to map the vast new lands Thomas Jefferson acquired. The riveting story of soldier, adventurer, explorer and the first Conquistador Ponce de Leon. A journey into the vast continent of Africa with Henry Stanley and David Livingstone. Take a ride along the galleons the greatest ships of the Old World and an expedition with John Wesley Powell into the last unknown territory of the U.S - the Grand Canyon. Join a team of explorers and divers in the hunt for Magellan s lost fleet. Follow a team of historical detectives as they examine the raiding and plundering of the Vikings. And journey to the bottom of the earth to learn the frozen history of Antarctica. Epic tales of triumph and tragedy lie within.

BONUS FEATURES: Timeline - The Life of Christopher Columbus; Conquest of America Behind-the-Scenes Conquering The East and Conquering The West
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